Welsh Donald Trump Welcomes Trump

Nov 10, 2016Articles, International

'The Donald Trump of Wales' Ukip candidate condemned for remarks about ethnic minorities in Cardiff (Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

First, I would like to congratulate the new President-elect of the USA, Donald Trump. Especially as we have a few things in common.

Not sure if you remember this, but back in March, when I was running for the Assembly, the Western Mail called me ‘the Donald Trump of Wales’. (This was their idea of a really harsh insult.)

Well, I am now in the Assembly – Martin Shipton and the Mail couldn’t manage to stop that from happening, though they did their best – and Don Trump has a rather bigger job on his hands, having been elected as the 45th President of the United States.

I would like to invite Donald Trump to join me at the opening party for my Constituency Office, which is on the 7th December at Gelliwastad Road, Pontypridd. I truly hope he can make it.

The only problem is, following the petition against him entering the UK back in January – signed by more than half a million people, and backed by numerous MPs – is President-elect Trump actually allowed to enter the country?

This petition was signed by so many people that it sparked a debate in the House of Commons. Many MPs expressed derision for Trump (who was not yet the Republican candidate), generally based on his supposed stupidity and lack of intellect.

Selected comments from the time: Jack Dromey (aka Mr Harriet Harman): “Donald Trump is a fool. He’s free to be a fool. He’s not free to be a dangerous fool on our streets,” said Droney Dromey, the dreary trade union bureaucrat turned MP for Birmingham Erdington.

Gavin Newlands (SNP MP for Paisley) was rather more succinct. “Trump is an idiot,” Gav declared.

Victoria Atkins (Conservative member for Louth) reverted to Lincolnshire-speak for her insult. “My constituents may well tell him he is a wassock.”

David Cameron, who was Prime Minister at the time, came out with the worst quote. Speaking about Trump’s plan to put a temporary halt on Muslims entering the USA (for security reasons), Cameron said Trump’s remarks were “divisive, stupid and wrong.”

Clearly Prime Minister Cameron did not have the slightest notion that Trump could possibly be America’s next President.

So who was the real idiot?