Hello everyone.

My name’s Gareth Bennett. You may have heard of me already. A year ago, I was elected by the party members in Wales to be the leader of the UKIP group in the Welsh Assembly. I also represented the group on UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

This leadership election comes at a crucial time for UKIP. Three years after the UK voted to Leave the EU, Brexit still hasn’t happened. This has posed a dilemma for UKIP. Do we keep talking about Brexit, and nothing else? Or do we talk about other issues?

The truth lies somewhere in between. Of course, Brexit is the most important issue on the UK’s political agenda today. And we need to focus our efforts firmly on Brexit until Brexit is achieved – by which I mean a meaningful Brexit, rather than the Tories’ White Flag surrender agreement.

Having said that, Brexit is itself part of a wider movement.

It is a movement for the rights of the Majority against various assorted minorities, assembled by the Left. It is a movement for a Christian Britain, rather than an atheist – or even a Muslim – Britain. It is a movement for family values, rather than gay rights, transgender rights or any other minority rights. And it is a movement for a British Britain, not a Britain packed to the rafters with immigrants who do not share our British values.

Brexit alone will not solve the immigration problem. But we will never solve the immigration problem without control over our own borders. So we need to get Brexit first.

The bigger problem is that there are other issues that we need to address now, in preparation for the post-Brexit period of British politics.

I have a comprehensive manifesto which will inspire all those people in Britain who are fed up with the treacherous politics of Political Correctness. This is something we should all campaign on, both now and after we have finally left the European Union.

Thanks for listening.