Feb 13, 2017 | Articles, International, UK Issues

So all the silly lefties are marching against Trump – again. Now the spotty fools have decided that it’s wrong that the US President has tried to ban people from seven countries from entering the USA. This ban is part of Trump’s plan to restore secure borders around the USA and minimise the risk of terrorism. Furthermore, these are policies that Trump clearly stated in his recent presidential campaign.

In other words, the Left is up in arms at the fact that a US President actually tried to enact the policies he was elected upon.

But, what the hell – if the kids want to protest, let them protest….

Actually, let’s help them. Let’s raise the volume of this thing. Adjust voices to slightly higher pitch and chant: “Ray-cist! Ray-cist! No platform for ray-cists! No state visit for the ray-cist!”

Ah – no state visit. Now that’s an interesting point. What exactly is a state visit? Do the protestors actually know what it means?

I ask a rather podgy female permanent student type named Millie Tant (credit to Viz Comic). Millie responds defiantly, “Yeah, course I do. It’s, like, when the president comes over and meets people and stuff. I mean, it’s obvious. Innit?”

Next to Millie on the smouldering picket line stands a slightly more intellectual leftie, with glasses and goatee beard. This guy is a real man of the people. Name of Quentin Tomlinson. “Well no, actually Millie, you’re describing a presidential visit.”

“Yeah, well that’s what you were on about, right?”

“No, Millie.” Quentin thoughtfully strokes his beard. “Actually, a state visit is quite different. It’s like this…”

Millie looks worried. “You’re not gonna give me one of your lectures now, are you, Quentin?”
But Quentin is in his element now. His dream is to become a university professor, and spend his entire life living next to a college campus. He pays no interest to Millie now, but ploughs on with his dissertation, staring into space.

“Countries generally have a separation between a head of government, and a head of state. In the UK, the head of government is the Prime Minister, and the head of state is the Queen. In France, the head of government is the Prime Minister, and the head of state is the President.”

“Yeah, cause, like, they haven’t got no kings and queens in France, have they?”

“That’s right, Millie. But in the USA, it’s slightly different. The head of government is the President, and the head of state is…the President.”

Let’s take over from Quentin now. There have been 11 visits to the UK from serving US presidents, beginning with Woodrow Wilson’s trip at the end of 1918. In fact, nearly all of the presidents since 1945 have come over, with the only exceptions being Lyndon Johnson and Gerald Ford (who wasn’t in office very long). The key point, though, is that only Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Dubya Bush and Obama came over on state visits. That is, visits on which they were treated as heads of state.

An ordinary presidential visit would have the president coming over wearing his hat as the head of government. He would meet government officials to discuss political affairs.

On the other hand, a state visit would see the president coming over wearing his other hat as the head of state. He would meet the Queen, go through a lot of ceremonial ritual and be treated as the diplomatic equivalent of royalty.

In one case, he would be coming over as the US equivalent of prime minister, and in the other, as the US equivalent of president.

So an argument the clever lefties, like Quentin, will use is that they are not objecting to Trump being invited over – they just think it’s a bit soon for him to be given the red-carpet treatment and be acknowledged by the Queen and so on as head of state.

The problem is, most of the dumb-ass loons who signed the petition are not quite crystal-clear on this point. They think they simply signed a petition to stop Trump coming over here, full stop. Because the guy is clearly a racist, fascist etc etc.

Actually, when you look at it closely, even the ‘state visit’ argument is clearly nonsense. Before Trump, four of the last five US presidents did come over on state visits (the only exception being the first George Bush). It is fast becoming the rule, rather than the exception.

As the UK is in the process of leaving the European Union (or will be, as soon as Article 50 is triggered in a few weeks’ time) and will then be ready to negotiate a new trade deal with the USA; and as President Trump has already indicated his willingness to negotiate such a deal; perhaps now is a good time to get the president over here, wine and dine him, and so on.

But no. The feeble-minded Left has decided now is the time to victimise and persecute him instead.

Anyone would think they didn’t want Brexit to work…