Bennett enthusiastic about the future prospects for a post Brexit Wales with President Trump

Nov 15, 2016 | Articles, Assembly Business, Assembly Issues, International | 0 comments

Plenary Wednesday 15 November 2016

What discussions has the first minister had about welcoming the President Elect of the USA to Wales?

Spoken Contribution – 13:32:36

What discussions has the First Minister had about welcoming the President-Elect of the United States of America to Wales?

Carwyn Jones – 13:32:45
None as yet.

Spoken Contribution – 13:32:47

I thank you for your concise answer, First Minister. Now, I understand that arrangements about the new President—the President-Elect—visiting to Wales are in the future. But, in terms of trade, I wonder whether you would acknowledge that we now have a future President who is in favour of, he’s vocally enthused about, striking a trade deal with the UK, and this may lead to a better prospect—[‘Interruption’]. It may lead, despite the naysayers, it may lead to better prospects for a post-Brexit Wales—[‘Interruption’].

Y Llywydd / The Presiding Officer 13:33:20

I can’t hear the question; allow the question to be heard.

Spoken Contribution – 13:33:23

I apologise, Llywydd.

Y Llywydd / The Presiding Officer – 13:33:25

No, it’s not you who needs to apologise—it’s the others.

Spoken Contribution – 13:33:29

Thank you, Llywydd, for telling them off. First Minister, are you enthusiastic, as I am, about the future prospects for a post-Brexit Wales with President Trump?

Carwyn Jones – 13:33:40

Well, I remain to be convinced. And the reason why I say that is that Donald Trump was elected on the basis of putting America first. On that basis, I don’t see that free trade agreements are going to be high up in his agenda. He has said that he wants to unravel global trading arrangements. So, we will have to wait and see. I mean, clearly, there’s work to be done in order to make sure that the UK is in as strong a position as possible post-Brexit, but I see no evidence yet to suggest that America will become an exponent of free trade agreements that are balanced and not wholly in favour of one side rather than the other.