Discounted rent for Sexual Favours?

May 17, 2017 | Articles, Assembly Business | 0 comments

Plenary Wednesday 17 May 2017


Spoken Contribution – 15:51:43
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Like David Melding, I wasn’t really aware of this issue until I saw what appeared on the agenda for today’s Plenary session. So, I’ve looked at the adverts on Craigslist and they were a bit of an eye-opener. I was somewhat surprised to see discounted rent being offered fairly openly for sexual favours, and, clearly, this is a regrettable development that we have, caused by issues that other Members have raised, such as lack of housing, shortage of housing. So, clearly, it’s happened in London first, where they have the biggest demand for housing, but Dawn has pointed out that it is in danger of becoming a widespread practice in Wales. So, if we can take action to prevent this development, then I think that would be a good step to take.

Of course, in reality, there have always been a certain number of landlords—a small proportion of landlords—who have taken a keen interest in doing viewings and in personally screening prospective tenants, and offers have been made of this kind of nature, perhaps in a slightly more veiled way, but, of course, these offers are often declined. This is anecdotal evidence—you know, this has been a practice, but only affecting a small number of tenants and landlords. So, obviously, we don’t really want the development of social media advertising, as David Melding pointed out, to actually make this practice more widespread. So, in UKIP, we do believe that openly encouraging mainly young people—mainly young women, although some men, as well—to become involved in a form of prostitution just because of their housing needs—. It is obviously very reprehensible and we do support the proposal.