Living with Islam – Co-existing with our Muslim Population

Jun 28, 2018 | Wales Leadership Election 2018

There are several political issues arising from the increase in Britain’s Muslim population.

One challenge relates to the increasing number of mosques. These are largely unregulated. This raises a potential problem, as many young people from a Muslim background are receiving part of their education in a completely unregulated environment. What are kids being taught in these mosques? Who is running them? Where is the funding coming from? (Many mosques in the UK are funded from abroad, with the cash coming from countries like Saudi Arabia.) I will campaign for a licensing system regulating all mosques in Wales.

Of course, young people receive most of their education at school. There is evidence that many Muslim families in the UK send their children to Islamic schools which are unlicensed. We now need to investigate how many of these schools exist in Wales. We need to examine them, license the ones which are providing a good balanced education, and close down the ones that aren’t. We also need to look at Muslim charities such as Cage and Mend, and examine the propaganda which they are issuing.

Another major issue is over Sharia Courts, which make decisions which systematically oppress Muslim women. We cannot have a parallel system of justice in the UK. There can only be one system of law in the country, so we need to close down the Sharia Courts.

We need to investigate how much halal meat is entering the food chain. There is evidence that some food outlets are allowing halal meat to be sold, which is not marked as being halal. We have to crack down on this, and ensure that halal meat is labelled as such. The danger is that, unless we take tough action now, more and more halal meat could enter the food chain – leading to more animals being slaughtered in an inhumane way. We could even end up exporting more and more halal meat to countries in the Middle East. This will not be a good outcome for Animal Welfare.

Gareth Bennett

Standing up for Britain