The projected cost to the public purse of the Welsh Government Cabinet re-shuffle

Nov 14, 2017 | Articles, Assembly Business | 0 comments

Plenary 14 November 2017

Gareth Bennett AM

Gareth Bennett AM

Party: United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

Spoken Contribution – 14:59:15
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I’d also like to welcome the new leader of the house to her new role. Her position is due, as we know, to a fairly major reshuffle. What we in UKIP would like to request is a statement on what are the projected costs to the public purse of this reshuffle. It is a biggish reshuffle. As stated, the number of Ministers has risen from 12 to 14. Given that there will be a cost in terms of spin doctors, as well as the actual extra ministerial salaries, can we have an outline of the need for the extra posts and of the projected additional costs, and where that extra money will be found in terms of the Welsh Government’s budget? Thank you.

Julie James AM

Julie James AM

Title: Leader of the House and Chief Whip Party: Welsh Labour

The First Minister has an absolute right to organise this Government as he sees fit and he has done so.