Reforming Our Party – Giving a Voice to Members

Jun 28, 2018 | Wales Leadership Election 2018

UKIP is the People’s Party. Our strength is in our membership, but since the Brexit referendum, the Party has struggled to retain followers. One problem lies in how to ensure that Members have a say in how the Party is run.

As I stated in my introduction, I submitted a report to UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC), and to the Chairmen of Welsh branches, calling for One Member One Vote (OMOV) for leadership elections and candidate selections in Wales.

I will continue to push for grassroots members of the Party in Wales ALWAYS having a say on their choice as Leader, and on their candidates for Welsh Assembly elections. This means a Wales-wide election, not just a gang of a few friends gathered together in a room in one small area.

At National level, we need an effective way of producing and implementing Policies. We need to focus on the policies which are most important to the members. Once we have decided that, we need a dedicated group of skilled policy-makers to hone and refine those ideas into workable practical policies which can be effectively advocated by the Party leader and his team of Spokespeople.

How those spokespeople are chosen is interesting. We could investigate having elections for a dozen key spokespeople, run alongside the NEC elections, so that the Party members have a real input in choosing who the key Spokespeople are.

We also need a way of Members feeding Policy ideas effectively into the system. We could examine the role of Party Conference.

It is crucial that we retain the NEC as the democratic voice of the Party members.

Gareth Bennett

Standing up for Britain