Removal of existing suspension of the right to buy (Amendments 5, 14, 9, 11, 1, 3)

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Plenary 28/11/2017

Gareth Bennett AM

Gareth Bennett AM

Party: United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)


Spoken Contribution – 16:57
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First of all, I agree with David Melding’s comments about the former Minister, Carl Sargeant. Of course, there were political differences on the committee when the Bill was debated, and there are bound to be political differences, but he was always amicable on a personal level. So, I would like to agree with what David said about Carl.

As a group, UKIP didn’t support the abolition of the right to buy. We felt that tenants are only buying their homes in fairly small numbers now, so we didn’t feel that abolishing the right to buy would be very significant in terms of aiding the provision of social housing, and it is making it more difficult to achieve the important aspiration of home ownership.

There were various amendments put forward at committee stage by David Melding and by Bethan Jenkins. In Bethan’s absence, of course, Siân Gwenllian is speaking to them today. I felt, on the committee, that these were generally helpful amendments that would’ve improved the legislation and I was disappointed that the Government didn’t support any of the amendments at the committee stage. UKIP is happy to support all of the amendments today. Thank you.