Stage 3 of the Trade Union (Wales) Bill

Jul 11, 2017Articles, Assembly Business0 comments

Plenary Tuesday 11 July 2017


Spoken Contribution – 19:04:01
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We had extensive scrutiny of the Welsh Government’s Trade Union (Wales) Bill on the equality and local government committee earlier this year. Janet is moving the amendments today. I was interested to hear Janet’s comments on the Bill at the time, and I think it is sometimes good when there is a dissenting voice at the committee stage, because it does test the Government’s arguments. However, after hearing all the evidence, I was broadly supportive of the principles of the Bill in retaining the status quo in industrial relations in the public sector in Wales, and we in UKIP are today supporting the Bill. The amendments, in our view, largely seek to derail the Bill, so we will be voting against this particular amendment and, indeed, all of the amendments. Thank you.