The Independent Review of Support for Publishing and Literature in Wales

Jun 13, 2017 | Articles, Assembly Business, Assembly Issues | 0 comments

Plenary Tuesday 13 June 2017


Spoken Contribution – 16:07:38
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Thanks to the Minister for the panel’s report—sorry, for your statement today, and the report, as you said, is a long one, so I’m not sure I look forward that much to reading all of it, but I’m sure we can look at the salient points and discuss them later on.

It’s encouraging that—[Interruption.] It’s encouraging that the stakeholders did deliver such a strong response. Now, you’ve identified yourself that one of the major changes, perhaps the biggest change, is the move from the printed page to digital publishing. Now, there are some structural changes proposed: are you confident that this will help to deliver that change to digital successfully and will safeguard publishing jobs in Wales? And could you give a little bit more detail on why you think that these changes are going to be positive ones? Although the medium has changed, is changing, the readership to some extent remains the same. You still need people to be wanting to read books and other materials, so we need to be fostering a love of reading among the young. So, I wondered how much of an onus there will in future on developing this, and how does the panel’s report address this? If you could explain those things, perhaps, in abbreviated terms, that would be good. Thank you.