The Secret Premier League Diary of a Cardiff City Fan

Sep 7, 2016 | Author

Did it really happen?  Were the City really in the Premier League?  It all seems like a half-forgotten dream.  But now you can relive it all with Gareth and David Collins’s real-time account of how the season unfolded.  But do you really want to live through it all again?  For masochists everywhere!


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Well, how was it for you? This was Cardiff City’s first season in the top flight for more than fifty years, and we kept a diary every step of theway, recording all the highs and lows. We enjoyed victory over the champions, success in the first ever All Wales Premier League derby, and visits to the finest stadiums in the country. But there were oh so many off-the- field misadventures, weren’t there? We were led by a chairman who looked like a Bond villain, running a club torn apart by Redv.Blue. We spent more time on the front pages than the back pages as CCFC became Car Crash Football Club. And we wrote it all down. This is our version

The Secret Premier League Diary of a Cardiff City Fan