The Tesco Customer Engagement Centre in Cardiff

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Plenary Wednesday 28 June 2017


Spoken Contribution – 15:17:02
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It does seem rather curious that, with job losses on this scale, Tesco didn’t give any prior warning to any relevant organisations, such as yourself or the Wales Contact Centre Forum. There is also the issue—well, you mentioned it yourself, actually—regarding information given to the actual employees, because I’ve also been told that the staff that weren’t on shift at the time the job losses were announced weren’t contacted by Tesco, but they did find out either through fellow workers or, unfortunately, through social media, as you pointed out yourself. So, it wasn’t very good practice from Tesco and they do seem to have acted in a rather cavalier fashion altogether with these job losses. So, that is unfortunate, and what can be salvaged from this we don’t know. But I welcome your efforts in trying to alleviate the job losses as far as can possibly be done. Hopefully, people can be redeployed as far as possible, although you now say that it won’t be anywhere near the total number of job losses.

There is a structure in Cardiff in particular with call centres. This has been a growth area in recent years, as you’ve identified. So, hopefully, people can be integrated in the existing call centre network. Of course, conditions do vary across this sector. Tesco, in fact, I believe, was one of the better operations as far as the employees were concerned. So, it’s all the more unfortunate that they’ve now treated the employees rather badly over this.

Of course, if people aren’t going to stay within Tesco, they will be wondering about redundancy packages. But there is probably little that you can say about that. As far as I’m aware, the unions are currently negotiating. I don’t know if there’s anything else you can add to what you’ve said. But thanks for your contribution.