Update Following the Grenfell Tower Fire

Jul 4, 2017 | Articles, Assembly Business | 0 comments

Plenary Tuesday 04 July 2017


Spoken Contribution – 15:14:36
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Thanks, Chair, and thanks, Minister, for the statements that you’ve made on this subject so far to keep us updated on the measures that are being taken. I feel swift action was necessary, both to investigate potential fire risks and also to alleviate the fears of people living in high-rise blocks. As you stated, peace of mind is an important factor here. A lot is evidently being done. I think linking up what we’re doing here in Wales with what they’re doing elsewhere in the UK is important. So, the appointment of Des Tidbury to the UK expert group would be a good move.

I’m also encouraged that your investigations are moving away from social housing, where they understandably began, into encompassing also private blocks, and also that you’re extending your scope to non-residential buildings. You did talk about the building regulations side of things. I know that that issue has been raised. I’ve noticed, in the national press, there has been some questioning of the building regulations as they apply in England. Possibly, the same may apply in Wales. There are suggestions that changes made in recent years may make those processes less robust in assessing possible fire risk. I know this is an ongoing investigation of yours, so I’m not expecting a definitive answer now, but if you would just bear that aspect in mind and keep that with you as you go forward. Thank you.